ID Incognito Terms of Use

  • The SMS alias features of the ID Incognito Regular and Premium service levels are currently only available for customers within the United States. (In other words, SMS relaying is currently only provided through, and to, US-based mobile numbers.)
  • We do not offer refunds on paid subscriptions. This is due to the costs associated with allocating and processing the phone numbers used in the Regular and Premium product levels.
  • Given the above, if you would like to try our service, you may either use the free Basic service, or sign up for a monthly subscription rather than a prepaid annual subscription.
  • You may upgrade your subscription (e.g., from Basic to Regular or Premium, or from Regular to Premium) at any time.
  • You may convert from a monthly subscription to a prepaid annual subscription at any time.
  • Any illicit or illegal use of our services will result in immediate suspension of your account, with no refund of any amount paid.