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It’s like a P.O. Box for your phone & email

The same way a P.O. box protects your home address, ID Incognito protects your online identity.

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With years of experience in the computer security industry, we know what it takes to protect sensitive information!

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Use it for one-time sign-ups, or ongoing communications with a vendor. It even works for Two-Factor (2FA) or Multi-Factor (MFA) authentication!

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For the price of your morning cup of coffee, you can protect your email address and phone number for a full month!

Joshua Adams

Thanks to ID Incognito, my email and phone number stay private and away from the spammers. It’s easy to use and was fast to setup!

Joshua Adams

I love that I can subscribe to blogs and use the internet without my personal information being available for all to see. This service is very reasonably priced and WELL worth the small cost!!

Susan from Florida

Now my number and email can truly remain private and out of scammers hands!

Tony Zazza , WA1A Radio Host

ID Incognito…because your personal information should remain personal!

Bill Mick, WMMB Radio Host